Training Facilities

Training Facilities & Equipment

In the Ancient Town, we have several locations for training, one of which is the temple, which is for students only (the doors are closed for visitors). Inside the Temple are four praying halls, two meditation halls, and a reading and writing area. We will also organise a traditional Chinese medicine room, tea ceremony, and Calligraphy.

Facilities which are under organisation for training

  1. Indoor training hall with mats 
  2. Outside training area with wooden Meihua poles for traditional training 
  3. Wooden Dummy

Facilities already available for training

  1. Kung Fu show area approx 100 sqm (covered)
  2. Deck Area for Taiji & Qigong training 
  3. Several Pagodas areas for training 
  4. Small & big tyres for power training 
  5. Shaolin 18 Weapons & the traditional Meihua Quan weapons (the famous carriage)
  6. Sanda equipment (boxing gloves, pads, body protection, Sanda bags)
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