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The Path of the Legendary Warrior Training combines the external (Yang) and internal (Yin) energies that true Kung Fu warriors possess.

the Path of the Legendary Warrior training

Through the ancestral tree of our ancient Legendary Warrior Heritage, we are connected deeply to the earth and the heavens, the glorious Yin & Yang, the mother and father of all beings. We walk the Path, over 4000 years — older than the rock used to build the Shaolin Temple to maintain and develop the tradition that has kept us Warriors vibrant, fit and enlightened for countless generations. Kung Fu’s “family tree” is deeply connected to the earth’s core, absorbing its healing energies to grant long, vital and peaceful lives to all its descendants. 

Without Yang, Yin cannot grow, while without Yin, Yang cannot develop. They are in a dynamic equilibrium. The Yin section of the program consists of gentle routines for Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Qigong, static postures such as Meditation and stances, and medical practices that target the work of tendons, ligaments, fascia, internal organs, and meridians. The Yang section of the program is a more active practice that works on the Yang part of the body, building blood flow and Qi, strength, stamina, balance and flexibility through Shaolin Quan, Wing Chun, Sanda, and Qinna. Through Meihua Quan, a complete Yin and Yang system, we achieve the most comprehensive, balanced, and holistic Kung Fu training.

Shaolin Warrior Program Training

Who is the Legendary Warrior Training for

Legendary Warrior Training is for those who want to experience the authentic and traditional culture of Martial arts, Chinese Culture and Holistic Medical practices. The training is suitable for beginners to advanced and professional martial artists.

The training period can range from a few days to five years or more. The students’ age range is from 6 to 78. The training is organised based on the students’ Kung Fu experience, age, and body quality. All students must present a Medical Clearance to state that they are physically and mentally fit. We do not discriminate against age, gender, religion, ethnicity, or country.

Weekly Timetable

All Kung Fu training in the weekly schedule is compulsory—cultural classes such as Chinese Mandarin,  Chinese Culture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine are optional. 

*Disclaimer: This is just a sample schedule. Your weekly schedule will be determined based on your body quality, fitness level, experience, martial arts skill level, age, and interests. The timetable changes depending on the weather and changes in location. Please inquire about your timetable during enrolment.

Weekly Timetable , Shaolin warrior program training

Kung Fu Basics (warm-ups, stretching, Kung Fu stances, kicks, hands techniques, combinations techniques, *acrobatics (if applicable)). Power Stretching is work on flexibility and mobility. When applicable, the class includes kick training for flexibility. Hard Qigong means whole body conditioning, including Iron Shirt, Iron palm, Iron neck, Iron fingers and many more. Qin Na is self-defence techniques, including joint locks, etc. Sanda is Chinese Kickboxing and includes sparring, footwork, steps, fighting techniques and combinations. The sparring class is fighting in a controlled environment. Forms class includes a particular style you chose to learn more of. Power Training is a high-intensity interval training for building body strength and stamina. It also includes a mountain run. Chinese Culture, Mandarin and Mandarin Corner, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory are optional. Chinese Culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory are kept online. Meeting with Shifus is mandatory.

Sample Training Curriculum

Up to 3 months of training

Between 1 to 3 months, a student is considered a beginner.

The number of forms learned depends on the length of stay, student diligence, body quality and personal ability. 

 Apart from the Kung Fu fundamental skills described in Kung Fu Basics, you will additionally learn the following styles and forms: 

  1. Shaolin Quan (Shaolin Basics, Wu Bu Quan, Lian Huan Quan, 13 Shaolin Quan, Tong Bei Quan and Yin Shou Gun (staff);
  2. Meihua Quan (Basics, Meihua Quan Qigong stances and Meihua Quan Wushi);
  3. Yang Taiji Quan 24 Steps;
  4. Qigong (Shaolin Ba Duan Jin and Zhan Zhuang longevity Qigong);
  5. Wing Chun Quan (Basics and Xiao Nian Tou); 
  6. Sanda Basics and Sparring; 
  7. Qin Na basic techniques and Qin Na Taolu;

How is the training organized?

The training consists of a combination of internal (Yin) and external (Yang) disciplines to understand and live the essence of Kung Fu. 

Upon arrival, each student will follow the traditional approach of the Shaolin that has moulded Kung Fu Warriors for centuries. During your first week, the masters will recognise your successes and struggles. Beginners will learn skills appropriate for their level. Suppose you have expressed a specific track, desire or goal. These will be reflected in the direction your master gives you. Certain focus areas, such as forms, may be adjusted depending on your ability. Regardless of adjustments or focus, all students participate in the various parts of the training curriculum.

Beginners will follow the standard Curriculum set by Shifu Shi Yanjun. The forms taught follow the Curriculum of the Yunnan Shaolin Temple. 

The ideal path for a student joining the Temple is to prepare for the trip by following the Apprenticeship Online for three to six months. This practice will give the best preparation and introduction to the Kung Fu basics and beginner forms. By doing so, the student will get the best outcome from the Temple training. 

Advanced or intermediate students have the option to learn more advanced forms. Please let us know if you’d like to learn specific forms.


The roots of the Discipleship come from the Confucianism tradition. Discipleship is an exceptional relationship between master and disciple, full of ritual and meaning. Under Discipleship, a unique bond and lineage of ancestors are created between the master and the disciple. The disciple becomes a family member. Discipleship is acceptable for everyone regardless of culture, religion or ethnicity.

The disciple represents the School and the Shifu in the public eye. During Discipleship, Martial Virtue is always upheld. A Disciple is committed to carrying on his or her Shifu’s teachings. Before a student becomes a disciple, he/she must earn the respect and trust of his Shifu. It must be proven that the student who may become a disciple is honourable, loyal, reliable and has total faith in the School and his Shifu!

Discipleship Program with Shifu Shi Yanjun

As a Disciple of Shifu Shi Yanjun, you are given his lineage for Shaolin Quan and Meihua Quan. Just joining the Discipleship program does not guarantee your success. If you want to become Shifu Shi Yanjun’s Disciple, consider what your motives are for it. It is not what Martial Arts can do for you, but what you can do for Martial Arts. Becoming a disciple is not for personal promotion or advertising. A disciple abandons selfish thoughts and dedicates his Martial Arts practice to others. One must always put the Martial Arts, the Ancestors, Shifu, and Kung Fu brothers and sisters first.

Disciple for Shaolin Quan: 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior receiving the name of Shi Heng

Disciple for Meihua Quan: 18th Generation China Traditional Heritage Disciple

Discipleship Program Starts
Duration 1 Year

Interested students must secure their spot at least three months in advance.

Disclaimer*: The Discipleship ceremony and certifications are subject to completing the program. This means every student must demonstrate outstanding conduct during the program, whether in training, living or communicating with Shifu and Kung Fu brothers and sisters. 

12 months
$ 11880
  • Uniform & T-shirt
  • One set of Linen
  • Shared Room
  • 3 meals/day
  • Kung Fu Training & Theory Classes
  • Culture Classes
  • Special Events (*if applicable)
  • Wi-Fi Access

One-To-One Private Training

One-to-one private lessons are one of the greatest methods for deepening your practice and developing your martial arts skills and knowledge. These private sessions can and will greatly improve many aspects of your training.

There are many reasons why students, apprentices, and disciples choose to have one-to-one private lessons with the Shifus. They include learning and understanding a skill or technique in more detail, working to develop a better form for grading or competition, and understanding what you need to work more to improve. 

The Shifu will focus your lesson on your personal goals and training needs and guide you through training for fast progress. It is a detailed training time tailored to your requirements for fast improvement in your kung fu. 

What are the advantages of one-to-one tuition? 

  1. Develop confidence in training and practice
  2. Dedicated Shifu attention 
  3. The lessons are tailored to your specific needs, body quality, injuries, health issues, and Kung Fu level
  4. Get introduced to a new style with confidence
  5. Get more in-depth practice and feedback
  6. Learn how to practice in your own Temple

The best way to know if these sessions are for you is to try them out! You can book a session today with our Shifu or Disciples by sending an email to or at the office directly. 


We offer two types of accommodations: shared and single rooms. 

Shared rooms

Male and female students are lodged in separate shared rooms. You will not be permitted inside the shared room of the opposite sex. The maximum occupancy for a shared room is three people. We offer family rooms and couples. The rooms have an AC/heater option but will require an additional fee for use. Please inquire for the fee. 

Single rooms

Single rooms are limited, so if you wish to secure your spot in one of these rooms, you’ll need to book well before your stay and pay for the room. Single monk rooms require an additional fee of 15 USD/day. The rooms have an AC/heater option but will require an extra fee for use. Single Rooms are non-refundable, non-transferable, and can not be rescheduled once booked and reserved. There are no exceptions. 

Shared & Single rooms include

  • Bed padding
  • Duvet, one set of linen, one pillow
  • Ensuite bathroom with hot shower (boiler) and Western-style toilet
  • WiFi
  • Use of washing machine on site (shared)

Shared & Single rooms do not include

  • Towel, toiletries, washing powders, extras (blanket, pillow, padding, linen)
  • Snacks, water, trips
  • Visa costs 
  • Pick up or drop off from the airport/train station
  • AC/heater (use for a fee)
Food & Dining

"When you eat silently, you can learn something from the food."

Food is included in the price of training. The food offered is traditional Chinese food with local flavours from Hebei Province.

We offer three meals per day, seven days a week. Meals will occur at set times each day: 7 am, 12.00 am, and 6 pm. During free time, breakfast is at 8 am.

All meals will be served in the dining hall. You will be expected to follow the masters’ eating habits and etiquette. The masters do not talk during meal times, and students will be expected to follow the same observation. Please discuss nutrition restrictions and requirements during your application. We offer meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

Hebei province, called “Ji” in ancient times, was one of the nine provinces in ancient China. Therefore, Hebei cuisine is also called Ji cuisine and is one of the local schools of Chinese cuisine. The cuisine dates back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). Its formation and development are closely connected with the province’s culture and history, geographic environment, and economic conditions. Hebei has a moderate climate. The area has always had exceedingly rich food resources, which helped to create the diversity of its cooking techniques and ingredients.
Located in northern North China, Hebei spans the southeastern area of the Inner Mongolia Plateau and borders the Bohai Sea in the east. With such favourable geographic conditions, Hebei was a traffic hub on the ancient Silk Road and one of the earliest developed regions in China. It helped bring in large amounts of cooking ingredients and seasonings for Hebei cuisine, leading to many great, unique local dishes.


Application Fee

Training & Living Fee

Single Room Fee (*if applicable)

Application Fee

The application and booking fee is 200 USD. In this fee, we include the documents for the visa, such as the invitation letter and supporting documents, the Enrolment Pack (full details on planning and organising your trip), a Training Manual, one uniform,T-shirt, and one new set of linenThe application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

*An additional fee of 75 USD will be required if you request an original invitation letter.

Training & Living Fee

The Training and living fee includes +/-6 hours of Kung Fu training, online cultural classes (Chinese Culture, Mandarin, and Traditional Chinese Medicine), 3 meals per day (7 days per week), shared accommodation (sharing two or three peoplewith ensuite bathroom), Wi-Fi, washing machines, training equipment (*some weapons are not free of charge), and special events (*if applicable).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for the best price plan for your trip.

Training for less than one month

All students living and training for less than one month will pay a fee of 50 USD per day. In addition to this fee, the application fee of 200 USD applies. If you choose a single room, consider the extra cost of 15 USD.  

Example: Study period of 5 days calculation

The application fee is 200 USD; training and living for 5 days 5 x 50 = 250 USD; and a single room for 5 days 5 x 15 = 75 USD. The total fee is 525 USD.

1 Month

990 USD/30 days

2 Months

1,980 USD/60 days

3 Months

2,970 USD/90 days

4 Months

3,920 USD/120 days

5 Months

4,870 USD/150 days

6 Months

5,820 USD/180 days

7 Months

6,720 USD/210 days

8 Months

7,620 USD/240 days

9 Months

8,520 USD/270 days

10 Months

9,370 USD/300 days

11 Months

10,220 USD/330 days

12 Months

11,070 USD/360 days

Single Room Fee

Single rooms require an additional fee of 15 USD/day. Single Rooms are non-refundable, non-transferable, and can not be rescheduled once booked.  

Payments Option

The training and living fee is paid in cash on arrival or mobile payment (Alipay/WeChat) (up to three months of study) in American Dollars (USD), Chinese Yuan (RMB), Euros or British Pounds (GBP) at the exchange rate of the day. If students train longer than three months, the remaining payment can be via bank transfer or Alipay/WeChat. 

We strongly suggest you choose a payment plan that works best for you. If unsure, you can train for several months and then pay monthly. In this case, the discounted rate does not apply, and you will be charged the monthly or daily rate. If you leave earlier than the period booked, please ensure you return within six months to finish your study-paid period; otherwise, the training period will be lost. Returning students will not be charged the application fee. There are no discounts for consecutive training years. However, if you wish to train for multiple years, please let us know so we can discuss your options. 
All the payments for training and living are final. So, you won’t be refunded if you leave earlier than the scheduled training period. The training centre does not issue refunds on payments. Shifu Yanjun wants to work with serious students who arrive to improve their lifestyle and achieve the highest level of Kung Fu.
If you arrive for a Kung Fu holiday, please let the team know so you’ll be assigned a different training plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be in my group during training?

Our group sizes vary based on the type of kung fu classes practised. Some classes require you to train in a bigger group, such as kung fu basics or Power Training. However, there are also classes where you train in pairs (e.g., Qin Na, Sparring, and Hard Qigong), while in other classes, you train in groups of 3 (e.g., Power Stretching and Hard Qigong) or individually (Forms).

Can I get one-to-one training with a Shifu?

Yes. We offer Private Training Sessions with Shifu Yanjun, Shi Yanpeng, or any other master available. These private lessons will take place on weekends for 300 RMB per hour.

What happens if I'm injured while training?

The training center is not liable to cover your injury or medication costs. If injured, it is advisable to go for medical help. We strongly advise you to purchase Martial Arts insurance.

What kind of toilet can I expect to have in the room?

All students will have access to Western-style bathrooms in their accommodation.

Am I required to wear a uniform?

Yes. You must wear your uniform every day that you train. The enrollment fee includes payment for the uniform: one T-shirt, one set of grey pants, one grey Shaolin jacket, and one yellow satin belt for special occasions and graduation. You may wear any athletic shoes you like. You can also purchase Kung Fu training shoes for an additional cost (40 RMB per pair).

Will I be sharing a room with members of the opposite sex?

No. Only members of the same sex will be allowed access to the shared rooms.

Will I get a discount if I study for multiple years?

We do not offer discounts for multiple years of training. However, you will not be required to pay again the application fee.

Can I get a discount if I'm a returning student?

We do not offer discounts for returning students for the training fee. However, all returning students will NOT pay the application fee.

Do you offer scholarships for training?

The scholarship is not available to new students joining. It is only available for long-term students who have already been training for at least one year. The selection criteria depend on personal development and character.

What happens if I don't show up for training once I'm enrolled?

Lining up for training is mandatory. You'll only be excused from the lineup if you are incredibly sick (in case you need to alert the administrative personnel). Showing up late or missing your lineup time will result in a punishment from your Shifu. They will decide what that punishment is. If a student is late for three days, he/she will receive a formal warning. If the behaviour does not correct, the student will be dismissed without a refund.

What type of certifications are achievable?

Certificate for Training (forms & styles), Recognition Certificate, Training Certificate from Yunnan Shaolin Temple, Grading Booklet, Certificate of Achievement for Grading, Discipleship Certificate, Assistant Coach Certificate, Coach Certificate

Will I receive certifications at the end of the training?

All the students who join the training can achieve formal certifications upon completion. Longer-term students can gain extra certifications based on their progress and training. In addition, long-term students will receive a booklet with the forms learned based on the professional Dunawei level.

Will I be grading during my training?

Grading participation is mandatory not only to assess Kung Fu progress but also to build confidence. Each student will grade the forms assigned and practised and receive a grade and feedback from the Master. We will meet as a group for Grading during the last week of each month. The exact dates/times are weather dependent. Our Grading system is based on the highest standards of the International Shaolin Wushu Federation and International Meihua Quan Federation, called Duanwei. We adhere to the strictest of applications for our grading system to ensure worldwide acceptance and compatibility with proper Kung Fu Standards. 

Apply Now

Each student which formally applies and joins us will train under Shifu Shi Yanjun, 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monks & 17th Generation Disciple of Chinese Traditional Cultural Heritage of Meihua Quan. 

Please complete the form in as much detail as possible. We appreciate each student honesty in completing the form.

Incorrectly completed applications will be automatically rejected. 

Nationality means your passport country you will travel to China. Please do not write your skin colour or race, as it is irrelevant for visa purposes.

Age: Only 18+ applicants will be answered. If you are below 18, please ask an adult to communicate with us.

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