The End of Year ended with a very old Greek tradition – H κοπή της πίτας. Vasilopita means the “King’s pie”. It is a special cake which has inside a coin. This coin represents good luck for the person who finds it.

Families cut the Vasilopita on New Year’s Day to bless the house and bring good luck in the New Year. A piece of cake is sliced for each member of the family and visitors. The order is from the elder to the younger. There are also slices cut to symbolic people or groups, depending on local tradition.

Many clubs cut their Vasilopita between New Year and the beginning of the Great Lent.

Atheltic Club Shaolin Wu Gong had the celebration to cut the Vasilopita on Sunday, 7th of February. At this celebration were invited personalities from the City of Iraklio, the President of Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation, Athletic clubs which cooperate with, students and parents. The President of Athletic Club Shaolin Wu Gong is Mr. Vassilis Stefas and the Head coach is Mr. Konstantinos Mathiopoulos. At the celebration was invited Shifu Yan Jun as well.

Apart of the ceremony of cutting the Vasilopita, Mr. Asprodinis Panagyotis kept a presentation regarding the achievements of the Athletic Club in the year 2015.

The students of the Club achieved excellent results at Hellenic Championship and Balkan Championship. At the Hellenic Championship had participated 38 athletes, of which 23 gold medals, 11 silver and 7 bronze. At the Balkan Championship had participated 14 athletes of which 12 gold medals, 11 silver and 8 bronze. In the year of 2015, the Club had in total 200 medals in competitions.

In summer, three of the students of the Club traveled to China at Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy. They trained together with the students of the Academy. They participated to the 1st International Wushu Competition organized by Changyuan Wushu Association.  Kostas Papaevthymiou achieved gold medal for drunken fist (Zhui Quan). George Stefas achieved silver for Tiger fist and Dimitri Mathiopoulos achieved bronze for Monkey fist.

During this year the Club also did volunteer work and charity work together with the Municipality of Iraklio City.

In the end of the presentation was also the ceremony for the achievement in the Duanwei Certification.  Shifu Shi Yan Jun was invited to hand the official certification from Chinese Shaolin Wushu Association.

Below is the complete list of the awards:

  1. 1st Duanwei: Kostas Papaevthymiou, Xhuljano Stakaj, Grigorios Christoforidis.
  2. 2nd Duanwei: Georgios Saganis.
  3. 3rd Duanwei: Nikos Ntaioglou, Konstantinos Athanasiou, Christos Gounaras, Spyridon Roumeliotis, Apostolos Tsevas, Ioannis Koukos, Nikos Papamichail, Konstantinos Georgiou.
  4. 4th Duanwei: Nikolaos Memmos.
  5. 5th Duanwei: Kyriakos Panagopoulos, Myron Tornesakis.


In China, during summer time, Grigorios Stamatopoulos was awarded 5th Duanwei and Konstantinos  Mathiopoulos was awarded 7th Duanwei.

The year 2015 was a year with great achievements. We wish that the New Year 2016 it will be an even better in great achievements as the Athletic Club will move to a new and much bigger location. The New Year will represent a new beginning for the Club and the City of Iraklio!

From China, we will give our best support for the Club, coaches, students, families and all the Kung Fu lovers!

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan

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