Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught a two day workshop Meihua Quan in Arta. He has been seconded by Shifu Kostas Mathiopolus and his student Nikos Ntaioglou. It is the second year Shifu Yan Jun meets the students of the club. Last year he taught them the basics of Meihua Quan in Agrinio at Zaxileas Sanda Atheltic Club.

The head founder of Dou Quan Pai Kung Fu is Dr. Bill Drougas. He received the Membership of the Academy Certification in December 2014. Since then, he is working very hard to spread and teach Meihua Quan to his students.

The workshop was composed of 2 training sessions and one open teaching session of Chinese Culture and Kung Fu traditions.

During the training sessions Shifu Yan Jun taught the Basic positions and their correspondence with the Yin and Yang theory, as well as 5 Elements Theory. He presented the Fist position: Yin, Yang or Yin-Yang. Also Shifu explained in detail how to do each position: angle, power spread, Qi use and breathing.

The basic form Wu Shi was taught together with its applications. For each position Shifu explained different techniques and applications. Also he explained the students how to use the positions in Dui Lian– two people combat.

During the open session were invited many local personalities. Students from the club organized a short display of their skills in Tai Ji Quan (Chen and Yang style), Tang Lang and weapon fighting. This demonstrated their strong skill and the quality of their Master, Dr. Bill Drougas.

Shifu Yan Jun discussed about his Kung Fu journey from the moment he decided to join the Shaolin Temple. His journey is one of learning and he loves to share his knowledge with everybody from the audience. He spoke a lot about the importance of being healthy and have a happy life! Health is the most important in one’s life!

Shifu Yan Jun wished to express his gratitude for the Dou Quan Pai Kung Fu Club and Dr. Bill Drougas for being part of such a great experience this weekend.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan