On September 16th, our students together with the Headmaster of the Academy have been invited in Kunming to demonstrate their Kung Fu skills for a big event celebrating the acting career of one of the most famous Kung Fu movie actors, producer and director, Yu Rongguang.

Yu Rongguang (于荣光), known as Ringo Yu, has an impressive acting career in action and Kung Fu movies. Some of the most famous movies are: ‘Iron Monkey’ (together with Donnie Yen), ‘New Police Story’ (together with Jackie Chan), ‘The Myth’, ‘The East is Red’, ‘My Father is a Hero’, ‘Musa’ and in 2010 ‘The Karate Kid’ (together with Jackie Chan). He started his acting career in Hong Kong in 1985.

At the event participated also Shifu Shi Yanyi from the Shaolin Temple which is part of our medical department. Our students demonstrated their Kung Fu skills along with Shifu Yanjun. The students which took part in event were: Phillip (UK), Jonathan (USA), Phoenix (USA), Ilyas (USA), Erland (Denmark), Adonis (Greece), Tarn (UK) and Alex (France). The students performed a group form called Wu Xing Ba Fa (5 animals form), Qi Xing Quan, Staff form, Rope Dart, Tang Dinasty Sword and Dao.

The great actor has been impressed by the students skills, therefore decided to start a cooperation with our academy for future co-production in Kung Fu movies.

All our students which train hard in the academy will have a great chance to work in the future with the great actor and movie director. However to be cast in movies there is required at least two years of intense Martial Arts training skills and stunt activity. Our Movie department can help anyone interested in focus on this career path in the future.

Shifu Shi Yanjun wishes to express his gratitude for this opportunity! Amituofo.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan