For the first time Zen Martial Arts Meihua Quan Seminar was organized this year.

Zen Martial Arts is a new Association which joined recently Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy and Hellenic Songshan Wushu Union.

The Zen Martial Arts Association was created with the purpose to spread the teachings of the Martial Arts and Combat system. High quality athletes with great results nationally and internationally were nourished here.

Shifu Nikos Papamichail organized the Meihua Quan Seminar. He invited students of all ages to learn the new skills.

For 2 hours Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught the students. Shifu Kostas Mathiopoulos assisted Shifu Yan Jun for the teaching of the younger students. The seminar started with a warm up session followed by the basic hand positions and the Yin –Yang correspondence.

The five basic positions were explained in full detail. Each position is composed on two parts: position for hands and position for legs. If your body position is not right, then the Qi will not flow freely.

Meihua Quan it is a very different Kung Fu style. It combines both, internal and external training. Each basic position it is correlated to an internal organ. They are considered a strong Qi gong if they are kept for longer. To start with, you should try at least 2 minutes. For 2 minutes consecutive and if you do it right you will sweat. They are considered more powerful and effective than jogging.

What is exceptional about Meihua Quan is the fact that if suitable for every age and any physical condition. Practicing Meihua Quan can improve your overall health. There are many cases of poor health people which improved spectacularly after practicing only the five basic positions.

Being only 2 hours Seminar, Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught as well the first form of Meihua Quan – Wu Shi. Students all worked hard to learn as much they could for the time Shifu Yan Jun taught them.

Shifu Yan Jun is wishing all the best for the students and the masters of Zen Martial Arts Association.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan