Warrior Retreats
& Training Intensives

One of a Kind, All-Inclusive Fitness & Travel Experiences

Warrior Retreats

10 Day All-Inclusive, Goal-Centered
Fitness & Travel

These retreats focus on specific benefits gained through a combination of Daily Training, Traditional Chinese Medicine/Culture Courses and full immersion in the monastic lifestyle. Goals such as weight loss, building strength and longevity can all be addressed in these retreats. An Overnight Spa-style Excursion at the Dian Ancient Town Hot Springs – to encourage healing – is also part of the experience.

Every retreat includes Meals, Accommodations and access to the Temple’s daily and seasonal activities. Attendees are also given free time to explore the local sites of the  city and region.

Health & Longevity

OCT 11, 2020 - Oct 20, 2020

Book By: aug 11, 2020

FOR: Adults of All Ages and Experience Levels

Our Health & Longevity Retreat  focuses on the practices that lead to natural wellness in the long term. With a focus on Kung Fu training paired with Traditional Chinese medicine, attendees will learn exercises and applications that lead to lasting physical and mental health. 

Fit Women

NOV 8, 2020 - NOV 17, 2020

Book By: SEPT 23, 2020

FOR: Women of All Ages and Experience Levels

Powerfully Fit Women interested in using Kung Fu to achieve goals such as weight loss,  strength training and self-defense. Women who have been unsuccessful with boot camps, fad diets or other methods will learn how a combination of traditional training and nutrition can create sustainable, lasting results. 

Fit Men

DEC 6, 2020 - DEC 15, 2020

Book By: Oct 21, 2020

FOR: Men of All Ages and Experience Levels

With a focus on Kung Fu practices that develop overall strength and wellness, Powerfully Fit Men Retreat is for Men who have been unable to achieve their health and fitness goals through mainstream exercise and dieting. Attendees will learn to maintaining healthy weight,  balance exercise and nutrition, and improve mental health.

Training Intensives

4 Week All-Inclusive, Style Focused Training

The 4 Week Intensives are for anyone interested in developing their skills in a specific Kung Fu Style. Attendees will engage in daily style-focused training, complimentary Kung Fu fundamentals training, Chinese Culture curriculum, and much more!

As with all our programs and retreats, Meals, Accommodations and access to the Temple’s daily and seasonal activities are all included.

Wing Chun

Jun 28, 2020 - Jul 25, 2020

Book By: May 27, 2020

FOR: All Ages and Experience Levels

A centuries old style, popularized by main stream media and some of the most notable names in martial arts – including Bruce Lee.

In this 4 Week Training Intensive, attendees will participate in a daily combination of Wing Chun focused training as well as Kung Fu fundamental training and Chinese Cultural Curriculum, which enhance the overall results of the Intensive. Under the world-renowned instruction of Head Master Shifu Shi Yanjun, attendees will learn and explore the unique aspects of the style and how it compares to other styles. 

Taiji Quan



FOR: All Ages and Experience Levels