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Shaolin Temple Yunnan

Train Kung Fu with authentic Shaolin Warrior Monks with prestigious Martial Arts lineage and the highest education.

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Shaolin Temple in Yunnan is the official home of Songshan Shaolin Temple for learning Martial Arts (武), Buddhism & Traditional Culture (佛教, 传统文化), Meditation and Qi Gong (冥想和气功), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (中药).

We offer training in styles such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun Quan, Sanda (Sanshou or Chinese Kickboxing), Meihua Quan (Meihua Poles training included), Qinna, Taiji Quan, Qigong (soft, hard, and meditation), and Ba Guazhang.

Physical and mentally fit students are welcome to join our training programs, no matter their Kung Fu level.

Shaolin Temple Yunnan Kung Fu Department
two outstanding locations for training

We are one of the world’s foremost Shaolin Kung Fu centres, with an outstanding reputation backed by National and International awards, titles, medals and accomplishments.

We are the only centre in China which offers a complete system to join before and after the trip to the Temple. 

Lingkai Temple Chengdu, Paotai Mountains

Lingkai Temple, Paotai Mountain, Sichuan Province, just 1-hour drive from the centre of Chengdu city. Chengdu is most famous for being the home of China’s magnificent giant pandas. Chengdu is considered the best and most fantastic place to live in China.

Training is currently suspended due to Summer International University Games.

Huigan Temple, Shandong, Maqi Mountains

Maqi Mountain is majestic, with peaks standing side by side, the Xun River surrounding the mountain, facing the water on three sides, lush forests, pines, abundant fruits, caves, flowing springs, folk customs and historical sites with cultural connotations.

Training is all year round—study visa and JW202 forms are available—renewal visa in China.

Real Shaolin Warrior Monks - The Birthplace of Kung Fu - Home to the #1 Kung Fu Master on Earth - The epicenter of Chinese Medicine - An ancient well of Wisdom

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In these letters, you will discover: 

  • The longevity secret of a 137-year-old Shaolin Monk who can still do a horse stance. 
  • The simple secret to mastering Kung Fu while unlocking the “superhuman” body of a Shaolin Warrior Monk… granting you an enormous and instant boost of energy, power and confidence. 
  • Millennia old wisdom extracted from ancient scrolls inside the deepest vault of the Shaolin Temple — and how to apply this simple wisdom to find untapped strength and achieve deep calm by balancing the Yin & Yang energies within yourself.
  • How this ancient training path releases the “animalistic vitality” locked inside your body. (Your body is immensely powerful, even if you might not look or feel like it yet. You have the same “internal power” of a tiger or a deer, which can launch 2 meters into the air without heaps of muscle, without being troubled by mobility or tiredness. But it’s up to you to unlock this power.)
  • How the common western training method might be destroying your body.
  • How you can become a real warrior inside The Shaolin Temple, in China or from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Why the western method of medicine continuously fails to heal bad knees, back pain and neck pain by only focusing on the surface of the pain instead of the root. 
  • And much more.






soft qigong and meditation
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Experiences at the temple

Learn KUNG FU in China at Shaolin Temple in Chengdu, Shaolin Warrior Monks Training Center.

We offer the following programs: Shaolin Warrior Program, Discipleship, Retreats and One-To-One Private Lessons.

Shifu shi yanjun

Meet the lead master for your training

I am Shifu Shi Yanjun, Headmaster of the Warrior Monks at The Shaolin Temple Yunnan & Chengdu in China. I aim to create skilled, fit and confident Shaolin Warriors overflowing with QI (energy) and confidenceI didn’t just stay at The Shaolin Temple for a couple of months like most online “masters” teaching Shaolin Kung Fu.… I was sent to The Temple when I was a young kid. I was always getting into trouble fighting with other kids. I was known on the streets of my home village Du Jia Cun as a “chubby fighter.”

The Temple got me out of trouble
… it rescued a scared and angry kid from poverty and directed his energy towards discipline and excellence. The Temple has been my home ever since. I became a certified Shaolin Master at the age of 17… And now, I’ve trained in Kung Fu for over 35+ years and coached Shaolin Warriors worldwide for over 20 years.

Shifu Shi Hengyi
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… I’ve helped hundreds of people, many of which came to me unfit, lethargic and depressed — to become True Shaolin Warriors through our ancient Yin and Yang training.

I want to continue helping those who have had enough of feeling sluggish, out of shape and unhappy because of “modern life”.

…And I want to continue building on the legendary legacy of Shaolin, my great home, by creating outstanding Warriors who can carry the name forward!

So, if you wish to discover the authentic, ancient path to becoming a confident, fit and powerful Shaolin Warrior inside the Shaolin Temple in Chengdu… then you can step inside our gates.

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“THANK YOU SHIFU SHI YANJUN! I think I cannot grab in words what you taught me from my life from you. And I mean not only about the Kung Fu. You showed me every day to be sincere, to be healthy, to live at the moment. You trained me in willpower. I never saw a person before in my life who is so present with everything. The eyes, the body and the Qi. I always will remember you and see you as a big Teacher for life.”

Maria Atheresia Zwyssig


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The Shaolin Masters have been writing the QI-filled letters behind closed gates, and now they are ready to share their wisdom with all the world, to heal it from its pain, tiredness and quiet depression, and to create strong, confident warriors who can bring honour to the Shaolin name.

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