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Shaolin & Meihua Quan Traditional Training

The China National Intangible Heritage Xingtai Meihua Quan Inheritance Association and the team from Shaolin Temple Yunnan have joined forces to provide authentic martial arts training in a stunning environment in Xingtai. Our goal is to bring the ancient traditions of legendary warriors into the modern era, offering top-notch training facilities and accommodation.

Meihua Quan, also known as Meihua Zhuang, has more than 3500 years of history. It integrates I-Ching (Book of Changes) into martial arts theory, transforming Yin and Yang and the Five Elements into martial arts moves. It focuses on cultivating internal and external strength and incorporates techniques for martial arts practice and health preservation.

According to the Meihua Quan’s first origin, Sutra, Meihua Quan Inheritance Genealogy, the first generation of Meihua Quan was Shou Yuan Laozu, the ancestor of Taoism.

International Meihua Quan Cultural Exchange Center, Xingtai

Meihua Quan has a literary, martial arts, and medical field

Meihua Quan unites the thoughts and principles of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, and its inclusive philosophy embodies a rich essence.

Meihua Quan’s transformative power is underscored by its emphasis on learning principles before acquiring skills. This approach aims to teach martial arts, instil virtue, nurture minds and bodies, and lead with virtue. Throughout its development and inheritance process, it has consistently adhered to the concept of using culture to govern martial arts and employing martial arts to carry culture. This concept, where culture is internal and martial arts shine externally, has formed a distinct feature in its literary and military strategies, inspiring practitioners to strive for personal growth and cultural preservation.

Meihua Quan Literary Field
Meihua Quan's literature mainly focuses on Buddhist culture, emphasising the understanding of one's mind and nature and the nuances of writing. It also incorporates Confucianism, introspection, and self-study to cultivate virtue in individuals.
Meihua Quan Martial Arts Field
In martial arts, the emphasis is on Taoist exercises, which are natural, pure, and tranquil. They stress the unity of nature and humanity, the return to origins, the pursuit of the source, reaching the utmost, combining strength and flexibility, and utilising proper timing. The integration of movement and stillness forms a comprehensive system.
Meihua Quan Medical Field
Meihua Quan's approach to medical treatment is deeply rooted in Taoist practices that align with nature. It focuses on harnessing natural energy and using environmental factors to stimulate the body's self-regulating and healing capabilities, achieving the highest harmony between humans and nature. Meihua Quan's medical theory places great importance on health preservation, reassuring practitioners of its commitment to their well-being. It emphasises 'calming Qi, activating Qi, nourishing Qi through meals, and regulating Qi with medicine.' It classifies Tao into nutritional and natural therapy based on its theory and efficacy, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to health.
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We are one of the world’s foremost Shaolin Kung Fu centres, with an outstanding reputation backed by National and International awards, titles, medals and accomplishments.

We offer training in styles such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun Quan, Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing), Meihua Quan, Qin Na (Self-defence), Taiji Quan, Qigong (soft, hard, and meditation), Xingyi, Mantis, and Baguazhang.

Physically and mentally fit students are welcome to join our training programs, no matter their Kung Fu level.

China National Intangible Heritage

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Online training

… I’ve helped hundreds of people, many of which came to me unfit, lethargic and depressed — to become True Shaolin Warriors through our ancient Yin and Yang training.

I want to continue helping those who have had enough of feeling sluggish, out of shape and unhappy because of “modern life”.

…And I want to continue building on the legendary legacy of Shaolin, my great home, by creating outstanding Warriors who can carry the name forward!

So, if you wish to discover the authentic, ancient path to becoming a confident, fit and powerful Shaolin Warrior inside the Shaolin Temple in Chengdu… then you can step inside our gates.

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what students say about us

“THANK YOU SHIFU SHI YANJUN! I think I cannot grab in words what you taught me from my life from you. And I mean not only about the Kung Fu. You showed me every day to be sincere, to be healthy, to live at the moment. You trained me in willpower. I never saw a person before in my life who is so present with everything. The eyes, the body and the Qi. I always will remember you and see you as a big Teacher for life.”

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