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How many people will be in my group during training?

Our group sizes vary based on the type of Kung Fu classes practised. There are classes where you must train in a bigger group, such as Kung Fu Basics or Power Training. However, there are also classes where you train in pairs (Qin Na, Sparring, and Hard Qigong), while in other classes, you train in groups of 3 (Power Stretching and Hard Qigong) or individually (Forms).

Can I get one-to-one training with a Shifu?

Yes. We offer Private Training Sessions with Shifu Yanjun, Shi Yanpeng, or any other master available. These private lessons will take place on weekends at an additional cost.

What happens if I'm injured while training?

The Temple is not liable to cover your injury or medication costs. If injured, it is advisable to go for medical help. We strongly advise to purchase a Martial Arts insurance.

What kind of toilet can I expect while staying at the Temple?

All students will have access to standard, traditional squatting toilets while staying at the temple. If you choose Temple accommodation, you must understand and agree that you will only have access to one toilet per level (sometimes shared between 32 people). In the school accommodation, we have Western-style bathrooms. There are max 4 people sharing a room.

Am I required to wear a uniform?

Yes. You must wear your uniform every day that you train. The enrollment fee includes payment for the uniform: one Shaolin T-shirt, one set of grey pants, one grey Shaolin jacket, and one yellow satin belt for special occasions and graduation. You may wear any athletic shoes you like. Or, you can purchase Kung Fu training shoes from the Temple for an additional cost (40 RMB per pair).

Will I be sharing a room with members of the opposite sex?

No. Only members of the same sex will be allowed access to the shared monk rooms in the Temple and school. No single rooms are available in the Temple, only in the school.

Do you offer scholarships for training?

The scholarship is not available to new students joining the Temple. It is only available for long-term students who have already been at the Temple for at least one year. The selection criteria depend on personal development and character.

Will I get a discount if I study for multiple years?

We do not offer discounts for multiple years of training. However, you will not be required to pay again the application fee.

Can I get a discount if I'm a returning student?

We do not offer discounts for returning students for the training fee. However, all returning students will NOT pay the application fee.

What happens if I don't show up for training once I'm enrolled?

Lining up for training is mandatory. The only time you'll be excused from the lineup is if you are extremely ill (in which case you'll need to alert the administrative personnel). Showing up late or missing your lineup time will result in a punishment from your Shifu. They will decide what that punishment is. If a student is late for three days, he/she will receive a formal warning. If the behavior does not correct, the student will be dismissed without a refund.
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