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"O-ring" body's energy cycle

body's energy cycle

According to early acupuncture texts, the energy cycle begins with breathing, which is essential for the body’s energy cycle and ends with the colon or large intestines, which are related to excretion.

The lung meridian final acupuncture point, LU 11, is located near the tip of the thumb. At the tip of the index finger is the beginning of the large intestine (LI) meridian with the acupuncture point LI1. To close the body’s energy cycle, you must touch the tips of the thumb and index finger. This will form the “O-ring”, or the body’s energy cycle.

The “O-ring” has been used since the beginning of time to test foods, medicines, and herbs to see if they would improve a person’s energy level or are detrimental. Place the item you wish to test on your palm and try to remove the “O-ring” by pulling on the thumb and the index finger from the other hand. The outcome is as follows:

  1. The item will boost the body’s energy if it is more challenging to remove the ring when it is on the palm.
  2. The item will cause a reduction in bodily energy if it is simpler to unhook the ring.

Meditation & Body's Energy Cycle

Meditation has traditionally been practised in the “Lotus” position, which involves folding one’s legs while seated on the ground. The body’s energy cycle is closed by the arms resting on the knees with the palms up, and the thumb and index fingers joined in an “O-ring”. The conscious mind is turned off, all the sensors block out the outside world, and the “O-ring” closes the body’s energy cycle during meditation.

body's energy cycle

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Meridians

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are Qi receptors. Through the lungs, the oxygen for the blood and brain enters. Therefore, the lungs are vital for existence. When babies are born, their lungs are not yet matured, so it is easy for them to catch colds. The lungs are a Yin organ, and their Yang partner organ is the large intestine. Therefore, these two organs can influence each other. What affects an organ can affect the other one as well. So when babies are cold, they often become constipated. When the breathing improves, the poo also improves, which means that the Qi flow is not obstructed, and the immune system efficiently fights the bugs.

Another aspect is the emotion of grief and sadness, affecting the lungs and the large intestine. If one has constipation, it is often related to the inability to let go of something. So when you experience something like constipation, you have to check where it comes from. Is it from the cold, an emotion, or both? The most Qi in the large intestine meridian is between 5-7 am, so it will be easier to use the toilet between these hours. The lungs’ most Qi is between 3-5 am. Therefore it is a great time to do meditation. Also, it is best to cough the lungs up if you have a cold and cough because the lungs will work hard to remove the accumulated phlegm. 


Be healthy. Live better.

Shifu Shi Yanjun

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