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Inside the Mini-Course, you’ll find high-quality instructional videos from Shifu Shi Yanjun & Experts on Martial Arts, Wellness & Shaolin Cultural Wisdom.

"Shaolin Exclusive 10-days course"

Shifu Shi Yanjun Head Coach Shaolin Warrior Monks Shaolin Temple Yunnan

    Getting "Shaolin exclusive 10-days course"

    Flexibility, balance, cardiovascular & immune system

    Focus, mental clarify, centered, and peaceful

    Yin & Yang of the authentic Martial Arts

    Certification from the Shaolin Temple Yunnan, International Shaolin Wushu Federation & International Meihua Quan Federation

    What you will find in
    "Shaolin exclusive 10-days course"

    Curriculum Details

    day 1

    Wisdom Video 1

    Elephant walk 

    Theoretical aspect & Practice


    Health benefits/ Traditional Plank/ Side Plank practice


    Health benefits/ Traditional Push-Up/ One arm Push-Up practice

    day 2


    Qigong Taboo

    Qi Training and Nature

    Dantian Breathing Benefits

    Chui Breathing 

    Theory and Practice

    Wisdom Video 2

    day 3

    Energy Medicine

    Tapping the cheekbones

    Baihui Acupoint

    Ba Duan Jin Introduction

    Ba Duan Jin Stance 1

    Ba Duan Jin stance 1

    day 4

    Stationary varieties of palms

    Tiger Claw

    Introduction to Shaolin stances

    What is ma bu 

    Health Benefits of Ma Bu

    Challenge Ma Bu 1 minute

    Wisdom Video 3

    day 5

    Hunyuan Stand

    Wu Bu Quan Demo (Slow and regular pace)

    Wu Bu Quan Study 3 Movements 

    1. Ready Position

    2. Starting movement

    3. Cut a palm left with a low Pu Bu

    Breathing during Wu Bu Quan routine

    day 6

    Zhan Zhuang

    Zhan Zhuang Introduction

    Zhan Zhuang Stance 1 

    Shaking the wrists with eye coordination

    Lifting the wrists exercise

    Closing forward and opening backward the shoulders exercise

    Wisdom Video 4

    day 7

    What is Wing Chun?

    Basic Principles of Wing Chun

    Wing Chun stance

    The force in Wing Chun

    Wisdom Video 5

    day 8

    Waist Training 

    1. Introduction

    2. Anatomy and Physiology

    Sitting health meditation posture 

    1. Theory to understand the way the meditation is performed

    2. Practice together with Shifu Shi Yanjun

    Bladder Meridian Activation & Clearing 

    1. Theory to understand the mechanics of the meridian

    2. Practice Activating and cleansing the Bladder Meridian

    day 9

    Shaolin Quan, 1st Duanwei routine (4 movements)

    1. Starting Movement

    2. Push a palm with a right hook hand in a Gong Bu Stance

    3. Block left and strike the heart with a fist in a Gong Bu Stance

    4. Erect left arm while sinking into a Ma Bu Stance

    Wisdom Video 6

    day 10

    Meihua Quan

    Meihua Quan: Da Shi Stance

    Shi Er Duan Jin

    Shi Er Duan Jin Introduction

    Shi Er Duan Jin: Routine 1

    Shaolin Traditional Culture

    The Meaning of Shaolin Culture

    Bodhidharma and Huike

    Raymond Monroe USA

    I found the Yunnan Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk Training Center sincere and dedicated to helping achieve kung fu dreams. What you learn from step to step is advanced through what you learn moving forward. If you asked me what didn’t I like I would have to answer leaving which was the hardest part.

    Dave Hamill UK

    All staff and instructors very very helpful and understanding of everyone’s different needs … as I am very unfit but managed to lose 11kg in 2 weeks, money cannot buy what is offered there, would highly recommend to anyone not only because of the Kung fu but everything else within the package offered which goes well above and more.

    Kristina Kennedy UK

    Life changing experience ! I loved the training and all the different martial art techniques. The instructors are incredibly competent, kind, and patient. Instructors push you to your potential. ( i can see my abs again, yay). I think I am the fittest I've been in years in just 3 weeks! There is no limit on age just have the right attitude.

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