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Shifu Chandresh

Kung Fu Disciple Ceremony

Shifu Chandresh Yadav has been practicing Kung Fu for about 20 years and Shaolin Kung Fu being most devoted. He made a trip to Shaolin Temple last year in October and he trained under Shifu Shi Yan Jun.

To become a disciple of a Chinese Shifu some students feel like they are limited on their learning because of Shifu skills limitations. For example if you become the Disciple of a Shifu which trains only Shaolin and you wish to develop more in other styles it will be quite difficult for you to do not say impossible. So discipleship is restrictive depending on your Shifu.

However, Shifu Shi Yan Jun views are very broad and he considers himself a student. He is not only skilled in Shaolin Kung Fu and 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk but he is also 17th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan, being the Direct Disciple of the Greatest Mei Hua Quan Master in China, Han Bai Guang.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun learned from Great Masters: Qin Na with Grand master Han Jian Zhong, Tai Ji Quan from Grand master Chen Xiao Wan (Chen Tai Ji), Grand master Cui Zhong San (Yang Tai Ji) and Ba Gua from Grand master Wang.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun believes that you can learn from every style in order to put later your own flavor in. Never limit your education. He was very lucky to choose his own Shifu which has as well a very open mind. It is crucial for your further development.

The above characteristics made Shifu Chandresh to choose Shifu Yan Jun as his own Shifu.

Now the question is why Shifu Shi Yan Jun accepted Shifu Chandresh as his disciple?

It is simple: he is kind, generous; his purpose is to spread Chinese Kung Fu and help as many students as possible. His hard work in Kung Fu field and his character are genuine and Shifu Shi Yan Jun was impressed by his dedication.

On 11th of October took place the Ceremony of becoming a Disciple in Mumbai, India so Shifu Chandresh Yadav become officially 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and he received the monastic name of Shi Heng Du.

Because Shifu Shi Yan Jun has Generation for the Lineage of Mei Hua Quan, Shifu Chandresh Yadav took automatically the Lineage for Mei Hua Quan becoming 18th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan.

To become a Disciple means for Shifu Chandresh to genuinely devote and being loyal to his Shifu. He chooses Shifu Shi Yan Jun based on their understanding heart to heart and Shifu’s values and believes.

Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy wishes to Congratulate Shifu Chandresh Yadav (Shi Heng Du) for becoming part of our Family.

This is the start of a great cooperation between China and India!


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