Shaolin Temple Chengdu

One-to-one Private lessons

with legendary Shaolin masters

One-To-One Private Lessons
One-To-One Private Lessons
One-To-One Private Lessons
One-To-One Private Lessons, Disciple Shi Hengkai

One-to-one private lessons at the Temple are one of the greatest methods for you to deepen your practice and develop your martial arts skill and knowledge. These private sessions can and will greatly improve many aspects of your training.

There are many reasons why students, apprentices and disciples chose to have one-to-one private lessons with the Shifus. They include learning and understanding a skill or technique in more detail, working to develop a better form for grading or competition, and understanding what you need to work more to improve. 

The Shifu will focus your lesson on your personal goals and training needs and guide you through training for fast progress. It is a detailed training time tailored to your requirements for a fast improvement in your Kung Fu. 

What are the advantages of one-to-one tuition? 

  1. Develop confidence in training and practice
  2. Dedicated Shifu attention 
  3. The lessons are tailored to your specific needs, body quality, injuries, health issues, and Kung Fu level
  4. Get introduced to a new style with confidence
  5. Get more in-depth practice and feedback
  6. Learn how to practice in your own Temple

The best way to know if these sessions are for you is to try them out! You can book a session today with our Shifu or Disciples by emailing the Temple at or at the Temple office directly. 

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