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The education is via an ongoing learning experience, combined with live learning at the official Shaolin Temple Yunnan for a fast track.

Shaolin apprenticeship online

Shaolin Temple Apprenticeship Online is suitable for everyone wishing to get certified as a Shaolin Coach or Healer Monk on a fast-track platform. The Apprenticeship covers two years of practice.

Shaolin Warrior Path Membership is suitable for everyone who wishes to learn authentic martial arts and get officially certified as a martial arts practitioner. 

Shaolin Holistic Wellness Path Membership is suitable for everyone who wishes to master the holistic aspect of traditional martial arts for health & well-being

what you need to know disclaimer

The content of the apprenticeship and memberships is described on the curriculum pages. The learning is split into monthly topics, which are unlocked step by step. There is access to the first month’s content only in the first month. The second month is unlocked in the second month. When students purchase a one-month membership path, they can only access the first month’s content. When students buy one-year membership upfront, they will not have access upfront to the yearly content. The content is unlocked monthly.

As the Temple strives to offer the best education based on the needs of the students, new content can be added to the membership platform.

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