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19th of December 2015, Pyrgos, Greece

Qinna & Meihua Quan Seminar

Shifu Shi Yan Jun kept a Seminar Qin Na and Mei Hua Quan in Pyrgos.

The Seminar started with the basic steps of Mei Hua Quan. There are steps which are performed on poles. Training Mei Hua Quan on poles will make your Kung Fu to improve faster.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught the basic hand positions which are quan (fist) and zhou (hand). Further he taught the five basic stances of Mei Hua Quan.

Mei Hua Quan is a cultural style of Chinese Kung Fu. The style has about 3500 years of history. The name of Mei Hua (plum flower) was given about 300 years ago. There is a resemblance between the plum flower and the style. This particular flower blossoms in winter. Although in winter is cold and the conditions are harsh, the flower blossoms and it is very beautiful inside outside. The flower has 5 petals which show the correspondence with the 5 Element Theory and the 5 internal organs. There are 5 basic stances for Mei Hua Quan called: Da Shi, Shun Shi, Au Shi, Shen Shi and Bai Shi. Each stance corresponds to an internal organ. For example Da Shi corresponds to Lungs. If you wish to have healthy lungs you should stay in this position for at least 3 minutes at a time. The ideal is to stay in each position for about 1 hour. You should coordinate the move with your breath. Two of the students tried the basic positions on the Mei Hua poles as well.

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