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Students teach english

Students Teach English while they train. Many foreign students would love to train in Kung Fu but sometimes they cannot afford it financially. Shifu Shi Yanjun helped many students to realize their Kung Fu dream. In Henan Province, there are many schools with which Songshan Shaolin Academy cooperates.

During the summertime, four of our long-term students went to teach English and Kung Fu. In Changyuan city went Cosmin from Austria. He spend there about 2 months, learning Kung Fu as well. Steven from Ireland went to Hua Sha to help teach Kung Fu and practice Sanda.

Alex from US and Peter from Hungary went to Puyang to help Chinese kids during summertime.

For many foreign students is not easy to teach kids. There is a language barrier if you just arrived in China. But if you are willing to learn at the same time with the kids, can be a great experience. Besides learning Mandarin, you can understand better the local culture. No matter if you speak Mandarin or not, there are some basic techniques to teach the little kids.


Students which smile a lot and are playful can have a great time and be easily accepted by the kids. Kids get easily scared of the appearance of the foreigner. Do not be surprised if they are questioning the length of your nose or your hairstyle! If in the beginning the kids will cry only when they see your face, soon after they will love you! You will become like a tree coat hunger with kids! Kids love to play, jump, dance, sing, watch stories and have FUN.


Kids love the eye contact. Also they got fascinated by blue or green eyes! Make sure you talk to them by kneeling and squat so they feel you are at the same level. This works best with kinesthetic students.


Speak clearly when you teach the kids. Make sure you never use slang or dialect and speak slowly.

how to start

Kids feel comfortable with things they know. Never assume they understand straight away a word or what you want to teach them. Sometimes takes them a couple of lessons to be able to reproduce a sentence or even to remember a word.  Always build on what they know. Like building a house – a strong foundation and than brick by brick.

Teaching English in China can be very rewarding. Keep a positive attitude and be open to learn new things. Be a kid!


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