Temple Blog Taoist Secret Recipe for Longevity Ten Cultivations

The Taoist way of health preservation has a long history and has been passed down for more than 2,000 years. 

I would like to introduce to you the “Ten Nurturing” of Taoism. They are:

Nourishing the body;

Nourishing the spirit;

Nourishing the heart;

Nourishing the mind;

Nourishing virtue;

Nourishing food; 

Nourishing happiness;

Nourishing life. 

Exercise to keep one's health

Taoism pays attention to the “double cultivation of life and soul”. The method of “keeping one’s body” should take action as the key link, act according to one’s ability, and persevere. Through regular exercise, you can not only open your heart and mind and nourish your emotions but also strengthen your muscles and bones, smooth your Qi and blood, relieve depression and stagnation, enhance your immunity, and prevent diseases before they happen.

Sit quietly and rejuvenate the mind

Taoist practice of health preservation emphasizes “combining body and spirit”. Ordinary people in their daily lives focus on cutting off seeing and hearing, eliminating distracting thoughts, and practising meditation to achieve nothingness and selflessness. 

Eat less to keep the body healthy

The healthy body is different from the concept of “healthy health”, which means that the body is moderately fat and thin and maintains a standard weight. Taoist practitioners believe that “spirituality can make the body healthy”, and the relationship between “nourishing the body” and “nourishing the spirit” is inseparable. For ordinary people, it is advocated to “eat eighty percent full”.

Cultivate Qi with a few words

Taoist practice emphasizes “three circles”. That is to say: those who are abstinent are round in spirit, those who talk less are round in spirit, and those who rest in peace are round in spirit. Most people have a lot of experience, but some people tend to talk too much and even “speak out of justice”, which is not good. It should be noted that “opening your mouth will loosen your spirit”. Talking too much is not conducive to nourishing Qi. If you need to speak, you should speak. If you can not speak, it is better not to speak or to speak less. It is not good if you cause disputes with people because of inappropriate words.

Reading to cultivate intelligence

Develop a good habit of reading and studying from an early age, use your brain reasonably, and read a lot of books, which can not only enrich knowledge, broaden horizons, constantly update concepts, accept new things, but also cultivate and maintain intelligence, and prevent brain decline. This is also a good way to entertain yourself.

Poetry, calligraphy and painting to cultivate character

Poetry, calligraphy and painting are unique literary and artistic projects in China, and they have a wonderful role in cultivating the mind and character. Because in the creation (or practice) of poetry, calligraphy and painting, it is required to concentrate on one’s mind, not to think about it, and not to use it for other purposes so that you can conceive and create good works. There are many masters of calligraphy, painting and poetry in ancient and modern times, all of whom lived to a hundred years old.

Work to cultivate morality

People should avoid “eating all day long and doing nothing” and should actively participate in social welfare activities and housework within their ability so that they can not only get exercise at work but also enjoy their mood and exert their residual heat, so as to win the respect of the society and the family, the love of members promotes the harmony of the family.

Honesty and simplicity

“Honesty” and “simpleness” are the virtues of the Chinese nation. The ancients said, “There is no one who seeks to be self-exalted”. Modern people should also pay attention to moral cultivation, and use this to influence and educate future generations, educate them to establish patriotism, and know how to respect the labour of farmers, and never waste food.

Generosity and nourishment

“Tolerance” means tolerance, “tolerance is great, and tolerance makes people harmonious, and people live in harmony.” In small matters that do not violate the principle, be lenient to others, patience is the most precious, and suffering is a blessing, let alone talk about the merits of others…then happiness will be boundless, happiness will last forever, and you will benefit for life.

Benevolence and longevity

A benevolent heart is a kind heart. Taoism requires believers to “be kind to others” and “always have kind thoughts in their hearts”. Every time you do a good deed, you will feel extremely happy in your heart. Over time, you will be less likely to suffer from diseases and live longer.

Be healthy. Live better.

Written with Qi by Shifu Shi Yanjun

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