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Temple Blog The Difference Between Fasting and Bigu 辟谷

The difference between fasting and bigu 辟谷

1. Essence and method

Fasting does not advocate persuasion. There is also no such thing as convincing. Fasting people will be hungry and rely on a tenacious will to persevere. Bigu 辟谷 is a stable state, a natural reaction of the human body to a particular stage of Qi development. An external force does not impose it, and occasionally there is a feeling of hunger, but it can be solved by convincing. The purpose is not to exercise the will but to strengthen the body!

2. Physical and mental reactions

Fasting people will first feel hungry and have powerful physical and mental reactions, yellow appearance, and the pain is unbearable. Many people will continue to experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, lack of energy, bedridden and other phenomena. However, there will be discomfort in the early stage of Bigu 辟谷. As the Bigu 辟谷 time prolongs and the number of Bigu 辟谷 increases, there will be no pain during the Bigu 辟谷 period. The activities will become free, everyday life and work, and can do some appropriate exercise, even more energetic than usual. The important thing is that the mind is more flexible.

3. Refeeding process

Fasting believes that re-feeding determines the efficacy of fasting, but there is no particularly mature theory of the re-feeding process. And if not handled properly, it will damage the body and even endanger life.

Bigu 辟谷 has strict rules for re-eating because entering the state of Bigu 辟谷 is a natural process. Therefore re-eating follows the principle of nature. 

One day, gastrointestinal motility will speed up if one feels hungry. Hunger cannot be eliminated through convincing. It proves that Bigu 辟谷, at the end of the diet, when the time for re-eating comes, there are strict requirements for the re-feeding time. There are also a series of strict dietary regulations during the initial feeding period, and the whole process is more natural and safer. 

4. Theoretical basis

Fasting is based on Western culture, considering nutrition, substances, and vitamins. Bigu 辟谷 is based on Chinese culture, focusing on the harmony and integration between man and nature.

5. Physiological function

Fasting is not eating. The stomach is moving, the stomach acid continues to secrete, people feel hungry, the body is weak, and the spirit is sluggish. In the state of Bigu 辟谷, the body has changed, the stomach stops and slows down the peristalsis, and the secretion of gastric acid decreases so that there is no need to eat, no hunger, and the body is full of energy.

6. The sexual function during fasting declines. During Bigu 辟谷, the Yang Qi will produce impulsiveness, and the sexual function is normal in many cases.

7. Attitude of the body

Due to the unavoidable existence of many strong reactions in fasting, the body will receive a whole-body shock every time it is done. The next time the body will fast, it will naturally produce a kind of fear and rejection.

There is almost no significant reaction to Bigu 辟谷. Often, the body is light and healthy, and the mind is clear. There will also be many beautiful reactions that cannot be felt in the state of normal eating. It is a feeling that can relax the body and mind and truly experience happiness. The main channels of blood and Qi in the body are very smooth, the tributaries are very clean, and there is no siltation phenomenon. The corresponding channels of the body will be further fused every time the body fasts. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. The more the body likes this particular method, the more this feeling will appear on its own at a specific time.

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