Temple Blog What is Neigong 内功?

Neigong 内功 translates as “Internal Skill”. It is the process by which one condition the physical body, cultivate the internal environment and elevate consciousness. 

Neigong 内功 is the most advanced and complete of the internal practices of Chinese Martial Arts. It is not a specific set of exercises or movements but a series of practice stages a person moves. Qigong is a tool for working through this process to achieve good health and mental clarity. However, understanding the Neigong 内功 principles is entirely different. 

Neigong 内功 serves to condition the physical body and the energy system, providing the foundation for the direct work of consciousness.

What is Neigong 内功?

Physical Body — Energy — Consciousness

The body can create Jing, Qi and Shen. 

Physical Body (Jing) — Energy (Qi) — Consciousness (Shen)

During Neigong’s 内功 practice, many changes appear first in the physical body, leading to improved overall health and well-being. These changes lead to changes in personality and further in the way the mind works.

Physical body changes:

  • Muscle, tendons and ligaments relaxation;
  • Improved posture by bones alignment;
  • Increased joints mobility;
  • Past injuries, limitations, tensions, long-term illnesses and pain will succumb;
  • Improved immune system and elimination of pathogens efficiently;
  • The response to stress changes;

Energy body changes:

  • The Qi awakens in the body;
  • Feel the flow of Qi in the body; 
  • Emotions stabilise;
  • The feel of lightness and fluidity in the body;

Why practice Neigong 内功?

A person will start practising Neigong 内功 when it is the right time. If a person does not practice, the time is not right. 

Neigong 内功 is truly a treasure which enables one to enjoy and get the most out of the rest of his life.

The traditional Chinese culture has no set structure for moving through the Neigong 内功 practice. The practice is through a flow as follows: 

Step 1: The Physical Body (Jing)

  • Conditioning the physical body through exercise;
  • Implementing breathing into the movement;
  • Calming the mind.

Step 2: Transition from the Physical Body to the Body’s Energy (Jing converts to Qi)

  • The body’s energy awakens;
  • The Yang Qi gathering and movement in the body;
  • Internal vibration develops.

Step 3: Transition from the Body’s Energy to Consciousness (Qi converts to Shen)

  • Shen converts to Dao.

Stages of Neigong 内功 practice

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Be healthy. Live better.

Shifu Shi Yanjun

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