The Master looks after the progress of the disciples on the path

What is the discipleship

The roots of the Discipleship come from the Confucianism tradition. Discipleship is an exceptional relationship between master and disciple, full of ritual and meaning. Under Discipleship, a unique bond and lineage of ancestors are created between the master and the disciple. The disciple becomes a family member. Discipleship is acceptable for everyone regardless of culture, religion or ethnicity.

The disciple represents the School and the Shifu in the public eye. During Discipleship, Martial Virtue is always upheld. A Disciple is committed to carrying on his or her Shifu’s teachings. Before a student becomes a disciple, he/she must earn the respect and trust of his Shifu. It must be proven that the student who may become a disciple is honourable, loyal, reliable and has total faith in the School and his Shifu!

Steps a Disciple must follow

Step 1
"In the door"
Kung Fu is a Hobby

When you join the Discipleship program, in the first three months, you are considered one of the regular students or “in the door”, and nothing is demanded of you, as you are just there to learn kung fu. Kung Fu progression is unpredictable and depends on your body and mental health. At this point, for many, martial arts is like a hobby.

Step 2
A deeper understanding of the system and Kung Fu is not a Hobby anymore.

As you progress beyond three months, students no longer identify their kung fu training as a hobby. Now, the student wants to get a deeper understanding of the system. To some, this may mean entering an instructor’s program where they can obtain a certification to teach the Art and potentially make a profession out of Kung Fu and being a professional martial artist. 

Step 3
Bai Si (Discipleship)

After six months of training, the student starts to identify with the system truly and wishes to commit to the system and the family. Bai Si, also known as discipleship, is the next step the individual would take to be accepted into the Kung Fu family. After being accepted into the kung fu family, one is considered closer to the Master of the system than his/her family/siblings. Anything you do and don’t do will have a very important meaning, not only to the School but to the Master and the system. 

As in Eastern thinking, Bai Si is when you learn kung fu. Beforehand, there may be corrections here and there, but now, you get an in-depth understanding of the system. As the training continues, the proper etiquette is not asking for more material. The Shifu will know your progression and your period of advancement. With the proper guidance from the Shifu, the disciples will carry on the system to the following generations – a step and part of the kung fu family. The Bai Si ceremony takes place after the year is completed.

The terminology for the master is Shifu, and translates as Shi (師) from teacher and Fu (父) from father. In traditional Chinese culture, a student will always maintain a remarkable loyalty to the master, no matter how long they learn. The expression “have your cup empty” refers to students willing to accept new teachings. A Shifu can have many disciples. Disciples can have only one master because honouring all outstanding obligations with Discipleship for more than one Shifu isn’t easy. In the old days, a Shifu would not want to reveal his secrets to a disciple of another Shifu. The disciples would represent the Shifu publicly and were often taught secret skills. These students must commit to learning all of the knowledge their Shifu has to offer.

Shifu would also accept orphans as disciples. It assured that the Shifu would care for the orphan like their child.

Many people nowadays seek discipleship for all the wrong reasons. If you want to become your Shifu’s Disciple, consider your motives for such an action. It is not what your Art can do for you but what you can do for your Art. You do not become a disciple to promote yourself.

Discipleship Program with Shifu Shi Yanjun

As a Disciple of Shifu Shi Yanjun, you are given his lineage for Shaolin Quan and Meihua Quan. Just joining the Discipleship program does not guarantee your success. If you want to become Shifu Shi Yanjun’s Disciple, consider what your motives are for it. It is not what Martial Arts can do for you, but what you can do for Martial Arts. Becoming a disciple is not for personal promotion or advertising. A disciple abandons selfish thoughts and dedicates his Martial Arts practice to others. One must always put the Martial Arts, the Ancestors, Shifu, and Kung Fu brothers and sisters first.

Disciple for Shaolin Quan: 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior receiving the name of Shi Heng

Disciple for Meihua Quan: 18th Generation China Traditional Heritage Disciple

Becoming a Disciple of Shifu Shi Yan Jun is a sacred position. As a Disciple, you enter into a very close family and become part of the lineage of your Master to carry on his morals, traditions, and training. A Discipleship will be considered after 2 or 3 years of training with Shifu. The decision is based on character, the relationship with the Shifu, and the training.

Disciples are chosen on a case-by-case basis via an application. Contact us to learn more about the requirements and application process.

Discipleship training consists of several parts
  1. Training under Shifu Shi Yanjun’s direct guidance;
  2. Martial Arts training contains a set curriculum established by Shifu Shi Yanjun to ensure fast progress in the martial part;
  3. Theoretical studies in Kung Fu theory, Chinese National Heritage Culture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine;  
  4. Learn about life and how to deal with problems when they appear; 
  5. Get involved in the Temple life by helping the monks and nuns with events and daily activities; 
  6. When Shifu allows, you can take part as an assistant coach in teaching beginner classes (not earlier than six months);
  7. The will to help others and being proactive are encouraged;

The Temple activities have a set timetable five days a week. The timetable timings can change based on the weather and Temple activities.

*Disclaimer: This is just a sample schedule. Your weekly schedule will be determined based on your body quality, fitness level, experience, martial arts skill level, age, and interests.

Day 1 to Day 5:
5.30 am: Wake-up time
6.00 am: Morning Training (Internal arts)
7.00 am: Breakfast
7.30 am: Temple Duty
8.30 am: Morning Training/ Theory Classes/ Temple time
12.00 am: Lunch
2.30 pm: Afternoon Training/ Theory Classes/ Temple time
6.00 pm: Dinner
7.00 pm: Temple time
10.00 pm: Silence of body, speech, and mind

Rules & Requirements for disciples

Disciples should adhere to the Rules & Requirements at all times. Click the link below for details. 

How to Enrol in the Discipleship

If you are interested in the Discipleship program, you must provide us with the following documents:

  1. Complete the Application form below;
  2. Cover Letter to explain why you wish to become a disciple;
  3. Full Resume (Curriculum Vitae);
  4. Passport style photo; 
  5. Medical Clearance for Kung Fu Training (*if application successful);
  6. Two reference letters from school/work to include work ethic and character  (*if application successful);
  7. Successful applicants will have a video interview with the team and Shifu Yanjun (*if available);
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Full Name as in your Passport
Please type your full Resume (CV), including any relevant volunteering, extracurricular activities, competitions, events, or hobbies.
The Cover Letter should include the reasons you wish to become a disciple.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

The Price Plan Consists of Two Separate Payments

Shaolin Discipleship Program Price Plan

*Before you book your place with the Temple, make sure the price payment policies and refunds are clear to you. The Temple is not responsible if you fail to understand and follow these policies

Application Fee

The application and booking fee is 200 USD. In this fee, we include the documents for the visa, such as the invitation letter and supporting documents, Enrollment Pack, Training Manual, one set of Shaolin grey uniform, a Shaolin Temple T-shirt, one new pillow and one new set of linen (pillow case, bed sheet, and duvet cover). An additional fee will be required if you request an original invitation letter. This fee depends on the country we post the letter. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

We offer different price packages depending on the accommodation type.  We offer Temple shared accommodation and single accommodation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to request the best price plan for your trip.

Discipleship Program Starts
Duration 1 Year

The Discipleship program will have a maximum of four students. Interested students must secure their spot at least three months in advance (remember that the Chinese Embassy will be closed in February for the Chinese New Year Celebrations). 

Disclaimer*: The Discipleship ceremony and certifications are subject to completing the program. It means every student must demonstrate outstanding conduct during the program, whether it is in training, living at the Temple or communicating with Shifu and Kung Fu brothers and sisters. 

12 months
$ 11880
  • Uniform & T-shirt
  • Linen & Pillow
  • Shared Room
  • 3 meals/day
  • Kung Fu Training, Theory Classes & Temple Time
  • Culture Classes
  • Buddhist Ceremonies (*if applicable)
  • Special Events (*if applicable)
  • Wi-Fi Access
The next step after Discipleship

The Discipleship program lasts for one year. A disciple can extend the study period for additional years if the Shifu agrees. 

The next step after the Discipleship program is the Coach Certification in Martial Arts from Yunnan Shaolin Temple and International Shaolin Wushu Federation or/and International Meihua Quan Federation, depending on the study style. 

Some disciples can have the opportunity to represent Shifu Yanjun and the Temple abroad to develop their own schools or branch of the federation. 

Kung Fu Terminology

師父, Shīfu: Master
师兄, shī xiōng: Senior Kung Fu brother (male student who started before you no matter how old they are)
师姐,  shī jiě: Senior Kung Fu Sister (female student who started before you no matter how old they are)
师弟,  shī dì: Junior Kung Fu brother (male student who began after you no matter how old they are)
师妹,  shī meì: Junior Kung Fu sister (female student who started after you no matter how old they are)
弟子, Dìzǐ: Disciple (specially selected students responsible for carrying on the style – hand-picked students who meet specific criteria)
學生, Xuéshēng: Student or follower

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