Wing Chun Fundamentals: the SCIENCE of Wing Chun


Wing Chun Quan, one of the central and southern martial arts systems, is famous in Guandong province, especially in Fujian. This martial arts system has a history of approximately 300 years. The roots of Wing Chun Quan come from the Shaolin Temple, being developed by the Buddhist nun Ng Mui, a Shaolin master. The nun developed this system taking into consideration the weakness of Shaolin Quan for female practitioners. Ng Mui’s first student was called Yin Wing Chun, from where the system’s name came.

Written by Shifu Shi Yanjun, Shifu Shi Yanpeng and Dr. Andreea McCurry, this e-book is for anyone with an interest in discovering and understanding the science behind Wing Chun Quan style.

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