Bigu 辟谷

Bigu 辟谷

Temple Blog Bigu 辟谷 What is Bigu 辟谷? Bigu 辟谷 is a Taoist term translated as a way of wellness. It originated from the “do not eat five grains” in Fangxian’s health preservation, meaning, do not eat whole grains, but fill the stomach with other things such as medicine and food, or fast for a certain …

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reverse abdominal breathing

Reverse Abdominal Breathing

Temple Blog Reverse Abdominal Breathing Breathing Reverse abdominal Breathing is the progression of normal abdominal Breathing. The best practice is to become proficient in normal abdominal Breathing before practising reverse abdominal Breathing. The reverse abdominal Breathing, also known as Taoist Breathing, pre-birth, or womb breathing, is used for Qi accumulation and its manifestation inside the …

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buddhist incense

Buddhists Incense

Temple Blog Buddhists Incence Burning incenses A divine odour In Buddhist cultures, burning incense sticks is an old tradition. Apart from incenses, food, drinks, flowers, and even clothing was a common offering made to a revered person as a sign of respect. Offering incense at an altar is a universal Buddhist custom. Buddhists regard incense as a …

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traditional chinese medicine and pregnancy

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy

Temple Blog Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy part i Traditional chinese medicine Pregnancy The birth of life is a tremendous and magical process. After a woman becomes pregnant, she has to go through a gestation period of about 280 days, which is called “October pregnancy” in Chinese Medicine.  Chinese Medicine believes that the Yin and …

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five elements, wood, fire, water, earth, metal

Biological Rhythm and Five Elements Theory

Temple Blog Biological Rhythm, and five elements theory Traditional chinese medicine five elements Traditional Chinese Medicine uses, in addition to Yin & Yang theory, the Five Elements Theory to understand seasonal rhythms. Spring corresponds to wood, summer to fire, late summer to the earth, autumn to metal, and winter to water. Each season has its …

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Students Teach English

Temple Blog STUDENTS TEACH ENGLISH Volunteer work Students teach english Students Teach English while they train. Many foreign students would love to train in Kung Fu but sometimes they cannot afford it financially. Shifu Shi Yanjun helped many students to realize their Kung Fu dream. In Henan Province, there are many schools with which Songshan …

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