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The History of Shaolin Warrior Monks

The History of Shaolin Warrior Monks The history of Shaolin warrior monks is a tale of dedication, discipline, and a profound connection between spirituality and martial arts. From their origins in ancient China to their present-day influence, the Shaolin warrior monks have left an indelible mark on both martial arts and popular culture. Origins and …

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Wing Chun Quan

a shaolin legacy Wing Chun quan (咏春拳) Physical, Technical, And Mental Training The roots of the wing chun name The roots of Wing Chun Quan come from the Shaolin Temple, being developed by the Buddhist nun Ng Mui, a Shaolin master. The nun developed this system taking into consideration the weakness of Shaolin Quan for …

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Kung Fu Basics

kung fu basics The power of wushu training Join shaolin warrior program Chinese Martial Arts Training Wushu terminology means Chinese Martial Arts skills, while Kung Fu means hard work over a long period. The term Kung Fu can refer to any trade which requires work for long periods. Wushu involves movements for muscles, joints, and …

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Shaolin Quan

The way to achieve enlightenment Shaolin quan (少林拳) chan,wu, yi (禅武医), The essence of Shaolin culture The story of Bodhidharma Shaolin Temple was built during the Northern Wei Dynasty under the Taihe Emperor (495 A.D.) for the prominent monk Ba Tuo (跋陀/ Bátuó) or Buddhabhadra (佛陀跋陀罗/ Fótuóbátuóluó) who taught Buddhism in China but not the …

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Meihua Quan

the ancestor of all Chinese martial arts meihua quan (梅花拳) Meihua Quan (梅花拳) has a complex nature intertwined with Chinese culture, history, philosophy, and religion. Meihua Quan Since ancient times, Meihua Quan has been transmitted and taught from generation to generation from two distinct perspectives:  Wenchang, the field of knowledge, and Wuchang, the military or martial …

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Soft Qigong & Meditation

Soft Qigong & Meditation Qigong combines meditation and gentle movement with controlled breathing, helping to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health. How many types of Qigong are known? In China, there are five distinct traditions of Qigong with specific characteristics, theories, and practices that cultivate and balance the flow of Qi: Chinese Medical Qigong Daoist …

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Hard Qigong

Hard Qigong (硬气功) Hard Qi Gong is a challenging and demanding internal and external training programme that works on a mental and physical level. It can benefit many chronic health conditions. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted …

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Qin Na

Qin na (擒拿) Qin Na is one of the four major fighting categories in all Chinese martial styles. The four categories are: kicking (Ti), Striking (Da), Wrestling (Shuai), and Seize-Controlling (Na). What is Qin na? Qin Na is a fighting technique that uses holds and grips. It is often considered the most sophisticated of combat …

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