All staff and instructors very very helpful and understanding of everyone’s different needs … as I am very unfit but managed to loose 11kg in 2 weeks, money cannot buy what is offered there, would highly recommend to anyone not only because of the Kung fu but everything else within the package offered which goes […]


As a foreign student, I am amazed at the discipline relating to time for early rise each morning, meals and training during the day as well as in the evening. There is also strong emphasis on personal hygiene. It is very important for any student joining the program to have clear personal objectives and these […]


My experience surpassed any expectations I had. Im a 38 old man, having had a quite sedentary life, decided to change that realizing the old Shaolin dream. I knew that without previous training I was going to suffer to adapt to the intensive training…Fact is I didn’t suffer, I could adjust on my own phase […]


When I arrived at the Temple there was a very warm welcome from Manon and Andy. Thanks a lot. From the first minute I feel comfortable. The place here is very nice and calm. What I really appreciated that there were no prejudices. Suddenly I was part of the Family and the team. Amazing. Thank […]


It was an experience of a lifetime. I will definitely tell my grandchildren about it. I really liked how diverse it is the training and how many styles we can learn here. I really appreciate that I had the chance to learn the Kung Fu fan!  The Temple is very peaceful, I like it very […]


I came to the Temple out of curiosity. However, I’m ever more curious now. One month can pass really quickly. The amount of information regarding Kung Fu, meditation and Chinese traditional medicine is pretty high. This trip made me rethink about my life. I really liked the way Shifu help the training. If I have […]